Warwick News of the Day!

AC Will be Off for Baffle Replacement

December 11 and 12 Including Monday Night

Note:  This has been planned for when the temperatures are the coolest.

Estoppel Certificate Contact

If you need an estoppel certificate, please contact Stan Switzer. 


Warwick Office 

5100 DuPont Blvd 

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308  

ACH is Available!

The Warwick is now set up with the facility to have our Condo Maintenance Fees directly withdrawn from your bank account. Stan has the participation forms in his office.   

Trash shoot cleaning is complete ... REMINDERS!

  • Please remember to break down all large boxes prior to placing them in the dumpster.DO NOT PUT BOXES DOWN TRASH CHUTE!

  • Trash shoot cleaners tell us no more grease should be dropped down the shoot.  Please put grease in a container and take downstairs to the dumpster.

  • Trash shoot company also urges that we do not allow contraactors to use the trash shoot for any reason.  No more paint cans and concrete mix, please!

Automobile Decals

Please be sure to have a Warwick car decal on every one of your cars in the parking lot.  Visitors must obtain temporary parking passes from the guard.   NO ONE WANTS THEIR CAR ACCIDENTALLY TOWED AWAY!!


We are investigating placing a STOP sign at the northern exit from the parking lot in an effort to improve safety when entering DuPont Blvd from the lot.

Bicycle Room

We are moving rapidly to removing the unclaimed bikes and bikes without bicycle decals!  Please remember to get your bike decal from Stan in the management office!