Warwick News

Parking Lot Closed

Reminder that the parking lot across the street is a "Tow Away Zone"  and cars have been towed in the last few weeks. Please let your guests know.

Estoppel Certificate Contact

If you need an estoppel certificate, please contact Stan Switzer at:


Warwick Office 

5100 DuPont Blvd 

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308  

ACH is Available!

The Warwick is now set up with the facility to have our Condo Maintenance Fees directly withdrawn from your bank account. Stan has the participation forms in his office.   

Note: The Office will not be accepting checks or cash at any time. 

Hallway Painting

  • Hallway painting is completed.
  • Unit Doors that have not been completed in the inside will be completed by in-house maintenance. 

Automobile Decals

  • Please be sure to have a "Warwick Parking Decal" on every one of your cars in the parking lot or it will be towed. 
  • Guests MUST park in the assigned "Guest Parking" only which is located on the upper ramp.  Four hour guest parking is located in the circular driveway.

Landscaping Updates

  • The dead palm trees in the back have been taken down.
  • Planting of succulents by the  pool steps going up to the pool deck will be planted.
  • Plants in the circulair drive will be added to fill in this area.
  • Bricks in the front will be reinforced  around the front gardens.
  • Cement support will be added in the back dock areas under the grass that is sinking in for safety.
  • Lights were fixed along Dupont Blvd. along the parking areas. 

Bicycle Room

 Bikes without bicycle decals will be deemed "unclaimed" and will be removed from the bike room. Please remember to get your bike decal from Stan in the management office! The bike room was painted inside  on Friday 5-18 by Joe.